We Understand The Challenges Of Scaling A Business. 
RedKite Capital Ventures was founded in 2020 by a two UK entrepreneurs with experience in starting, scaling and exiting technology-centric businesses. Having built major technology businesses we understand the vast array of different aspects of creating product, managing growth and generating sales across the globe. We advise our companies on everything from AI and SAS through to EBITDA, HR and PR - and if you don't know all those acronyms don't worry, we do!

While we do provide early stage funding to some of our companies, we're not a venture capital firm, but seek to develop close partnerships with a small number of early-stage entrepreneurs as they build their idea. We're offer a friendly, experienced UK-based team that you can fall back on to help steer your business through the toughest of challenges.

Our focus is on the technology sector, especially within life-sciences the UK and USA, but our interests span to other areas such as consumer goods. If you're starting a business and could benefit from someone who's been there, why not drop us a line today to see how we might help. 
Robert Greenwood
Rob is an experienced CEO and business leader. Together with co-director Lee Harland, Rob led SciBite, an advanced AI-analytics company to a multi-million dollar global revenue and successful exit to Elsevier Limited in 2020. During their tenure,Rob & Lee grew SciBite to over 60 employees across UK, Europe, Japan and the USA. In the process they won two prestigious Queens Awards for Enterprise (in International Trade and Innovation) as well as numerous high profile industry awards. 
Prior to SciBite, Rob was Vice President of Sales & Operations at Dassault Systems and a similar role previously at Thompson Reuters. In both these senior positions he built extensive experience at running large scale commercial teams delivering multiple technology products. Responsible for delivering growth in multi-million dollar businesses Rob has extensive knowledge of what is needed for commercial success.​​​​​​​
Dr Lee Harland
Lee has an extensive background in building and commercialising technology-based products. He was the founder of SciBite, creating an entirely new technology for large-scale data processing and subsequently leading its commercial success along with Rob. Lee has extensive experience at building software engineering teams and developing technology to fit high-growth business models. 
Prior to SciBite, Lee was a senior leader within Pfizer, responsible for a global team and multi-million dollar budget for scientific data procurement, management and analysis. As a major buyer from technology companies he built a wealth of experience as to what buyers “expect” from suppliers. In parallel, Lee has played an extensive role in cross-industry data standards initiatives such as the Pistoia Alliance and EU Innovative Medicines Initiative, and held visiting roles at the European Bioinformatics Institute and University Of Oxford.
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