While we are unable to list all companies we work with for confidentiality reasons, we're proud to be provide the following examples of businesses we're proud to have helped move forward on their journey
SciBite - AI/SaaS Data Analysis [Life Science | Pharma | AI | SaaS]​​​​​​​
We led the scaling of an advanced UK technology business from a single founder to a $100M exit within 5 years. Proudly delivering software-as-a-service with cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to many of the world's leading companies. Winner of multiple awards including 2 Queens awards for innovation & international export
Candidly  [HR | Recruitment | AI | SaaS]
Candidly, a new force in the recruitment sector, set to disrupt the market with a completely new technology-led approach to streamlining the recruitment and candidate management process through an advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS). We are supporting this female-founder team in their journey to deliver a revolution in technology recruitment.
ShandyShack [CPG | Vegan/ESG | Beverage | Consumer]
Shandy Shack are a young business currently shaking up the drinks market. With a novel product, completely in tune with today's consumer trends we're working with the founders to bring this drinks brand to the forefront. Already in a major supermarket and with major TV coverage, we are helping to grow this business to reach its true potential
Journi [D&I | Recruitment | Talent Building]
Journi is a force for good in the technology world helping businesses attract incredible new talent from a more diverse talent pool. With access to candidates beyond traditional recruiters, Journi’s mission is to improve the career progression of high-potential black, female or low-household-income professionals in partnership with ambitious UK businesses, to build the next generation of technology talent.
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